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In order to meet the needs of each family and to start the day in a relaxed manner, we have an open time period when children are able to arrive.

School starts at 7.30 am and children can arrive from this time until 9am. Breakfast is provided by the nursery and is served at 8am. Activities then begin at 8.30am.

The nursery day is split into 30 minute periods and varies between outdoor play and activities and indoor class activities therefore retaining the interest of the students and allowing them to enjoy a range of learning experiences throughout the day.

The morning session finishes at 12.30 pm.

Please be aware that lunch is served promptly at 12.40pm therefore timely collection of the morning students is necessary to avoid a delay in feeding the children. The afternoon students then continue their activities at 1.00pm. The afternoon session finishes at 3.00pm.

The students booked into the evening session enjoy a nursery snack at 4.00 and then continue with further activities until 6pm.

Please be aware that in order for minimum disruption to those children who are staying to enjoy afternoon or evening activities we ask that you respect the nursery timings. Should there be repeated late collection there will be a late collection fee applied.